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Keynote Speakers


Producer Keynote

Rachel Talalay is a celebrated and successful writer, producer, and director who made her film directoral debut in 1991 with Nightmare on Elm Street 6Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. In addition to directing films such as Tank Girl and Ghost in the Machine, Rachel has become a prolific television director as well, including becoming Doctor Who’s first female director in four years, helming multiple episodes (including the 2017 Christmas episode...)

 She’s also directed episodes of Sherlock, The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Reign, Legends of Tomorrow, Kyle XY, Boston Public, Ally MacBeal, Haven, Cold Case and The Dead Zone, and teaches film studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. 


Academic Keynote

Dr. Wickham Clayton is a lecturer in Film History and Theory at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. He is editor of Style and Form in the Hollywood Slasher Film (2015, Palgrave Macmillan) and co-editor of Screening Twilight: Critical Approaches to a Cinematic Phenomenon (2014, I. B. Tauris). Wickham’s work focuses on film form and aesthetics, film genre (with some specialisation in horror), cult, adaptation, and the Biblical Epic.

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...and many more being announced until the conference!



...and many more being announced until the conference!


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Marginalized Identities in Slashers

moderated by Dusty Goltz

“The Final Girl: An Agent for Social Change: - Angie Baggett

“Endurance, Survival, and Victorious Visibility: Making A Case for the Black Final Girl” – Ashlee Blackwell

“Hungry Like the Wolf: Women as Werewolves in Mongrels” – Rebecca Lush

"Exploring Slasher Films as a Space for Queer Identity” – Laura Springman


Slashing Away at Values: The Ethics and Politics of the Slasher Film

“We Are What We (Do Not) Eat: The Vegetarian Message in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” - Jonathan D Singer

“A Funny Game: Sexism in Slasher Films” - Danielle Meijer

“‘May I Come Inside for a Second?’: Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Immigration in The Eyes of My Mother” - H. Peter Steeves

The Slasher Across Media

“Why Slashers Are Dead on Arrival in Comic Books” – Blair Davis

“Putting the Graphic in Graphic Novels: Jack the Ripper in the Comics” – Lisa Macklem and Dominick Grace

“Now They're Slaying With Power: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Adapting the 8-Bit Slasher-Game” – Kyle Morrell

He Came Home: Notes on Halloween

“Slasher Horror’s Mother-Daughter Divides: The Case of Jamie Lee Curtis, Danielle Harris, and Halloween” – Kyle Christensen

“John Carpenter: Pulp Auteur” – Gordon Dymowski

“I Seek the White Mask: The Intertextuality of Halloween and Moby-Dick” – Khara Lukancic

Handicrafting Horror Workshop

Nistasha Perez

Samantha Close

Lissa Graham-Schneider


Burn It to The Ground: 1980s Slashers and the Challenge of Intersectionality Roundtable discussion

Alison Lang

Monika Estrella Negra

Mariam Bastani

Ashlee Blackwell


Slasher Film Funhouse Roundtable discussion

Alex Smith

Ron Falzone

Lauren Cappaelletti

Chaz Ludwig

Under the Mask: Characters in Slashers

 “Turning the Gaze Upon Ourselves: Philosophy of the Slasher” – Nathanael Bassett “Who Are We Rooting For? Empathy in Slasher Films” – Tracy Gossage

“Dark Heroes: Slashers as Heroes” – Lissa Graham-Schneider and Elizabeth Thomas

“Violent Re-enchantment: Notes on the Strange Attraction of the Slasher Film” – Ethan Stoneman


Feminism and the Final Girl

“From Disposable Bodies to Forces of Nature: The Evolution of the Final Girl” – Linnie Sarah Helpern

“Black Christmas and the Sexual Politics of the Feminist Slasher Film” – Casey Kelly

It Follows: The Role of Female Sexuality in 21st Century Horror Films” – Kara Kvaran

“The New Final Girl?: A Significant Alteration in the Character Type” - Michelle Mastro


Gods and Monsters: Religion and Politics in the Slasher

“Russian Slashers - A Subgenre's Development through Politics” – Franziska Altmann

“The Night He Came Home: A Discussion on Evangelical Hell Houses, Slashers, and the ‘Come to Jesus’ Message” – Peyton Brunet and Isabella Jorgensen

“The Tip of God’s Spear: Slasher Icons as Conservative Religious Champions” – Jess Peacock

“Demonizing Chicago: How the Lower Class and their Landscapes are Demonized in The Exorcist” – Karra Shimabukuro


Questioning the Slasher: Genre Considerations

“Bad Boys and Final Girls: Fleshing Out Gender in Slasher and Horror Media." – Brandon Bosch

“From Hammer to ‘Monster of the Week’: How Gothic Horror ‘Died’” – Gordon Dymowski

“Supernatural as Slasher” – Lisa Macklem

“Inversions of Genre Tropes as the Source of Horror in Robert Eggers’ Film The Witch” – Mary Kay McBrayer

Monsters on the Campus: The Freedom of Teaching Slashers in the Writing Class” – Rachele Salvini

Podcasting Horror Roundtable discussion

Jef and Al Burnham

Kristin Lytie

Ashlee Blackwell

Linnie Sarah Helpern

Dawn Humphrey


CadaverCast LIVE!: A Father-Son Monster Movie Podcast

Jef Burnham (host)

Al Burnham (host)


Bloody Mary Podcast

Kristin Lytie (host)

Jess Peacock

Lissa Graham

Blair Davis

Kyle Morrell


Women in Caskets Podcast

Dawn Humphrey (host)

Danielle Meijer

Karra Shimabukuro

Horror Honeys Podcast

Linnie Sarah Helpern  (host)

Mary Kay McBrayer

Michelle    Mastro

Ashlee Blackwell