Bringing Fans and Scholars Together…


The DePaul Pop Culture Conference is an annual fan/academic event at DePaul University. We host thoughtful discussions from fans, scholars, and media makers from around the world to engage in conversation about popular culture and cult media. Each year's event is themed for an important Pop Culture moment, and this year’s conference is focused on Superheroes!

We give out an annual award for "Distinguished Contributions to Popular Culture."

2019's Distinguished Contributions award winner was Philo Barnhart, an professional film animator, known primarily for his work on The Little Mermaid. Previous recipients of the award include Rachel Talalay (Slasher films) Robert Shearman (Doctor Who), Brannon Braga (the Star Trek franchise), Robbie Thompson (Supernatural), Cheryl Cain (Firefly), and Alanna Bennett (Harry Potter).

We also support many charities, and have featured lots of fascinating Keynote speakers.  Our event is free to attend and encourage both academic and community presentations! (Our conference books feature great essays by many of our speakers!)

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2020: A Celebration of Superheroes

Coming May 02, 2020: A Celebration of Superheroes!


Charity work

Every year, the proceeds for the DPCC are allocated to a charity of our choice! To see what organizations we’ve contributed to, click below!


Conference Books

In celebration of each conference, these books collect essays, thoughts, and contributions from participants, including the keynote speakers!